Woke with a heavy heart

Dreams of what once were

Longing for that feeling again

To see that look in his eyes

The look I used to love, to crave

The look that made me feel

To feel like I was all there was

All that was important

In that moment

All that mattered

In that moment



When just one touch

Could ease the pain, calm the anger.

When every word spoken,

Meant something.

With every look, every glance,

He could see into my soul, know my feelings.

When every moment of hurt felt

He could feel it too.

When he would do anything, say anything,

Just to make me smile.

The connection, the bond.


Desires expressed, but not met.

Content in the comfort.

Instead of living every day for each other,

Each day is just lived.

Life’s circumstances, responsibilities, obligations…

Become distractions.


Charm has worn off, influence faded.

Red has dulled.

Love, friendship, companionship

Grow and strengthen each day.

But still left longing

For the fire that once was.