The Horrors of The Circus

When I was a little girl, I used to love everything about  the circus.  The lights, the trapeze, the loins and tigers, the snacks, the clowns, and especially the elephants.  I have been in love with elephants for as long as I can remember.  The giant gentle souls.  I was always excited when the circus would come to town.

Until… I learned of the horrors that goes on behind closed doors.  I am afraid that there are so many other people out there in the same position, parents, children, anyone…. who is in awe by the circus and the entertainment that it provides to the public – at a hefty price to the animals involved.  If you do not know what goes on, the inhumane treatment and neglect that these animals endure, then you go on thinking the circus is a happy place.  My goal with this writing today is to help spread some education and show you guys reasons why NOT to take your children to the circus.  Why NOT to buy those tickets for an evening of entertainment.

When you buy those tickets and support the circus… THIS is what you are truly supporting:


Norfolk City Council, Office of City Council, and Mayor Paul D. Fraim: Ban the use of bullhooks in the city of Norfolk, Va.

Baby elephants, so young that they should still be nursing, are ripped away from their mothers, screaming and crying.  This is just one picture of the many photos showing how Ringling Brothers tie down baby elephants by all four legs.  They are threatened with bullhooks and shocked with electric prods in order to break their spirits and force them to learn those unnatural tricks.  These violent training sessions last four or more hours a day and continue for up to a year… until they give up all hope and submit.  Needless to say, the abuse doesn’t stop there, they live their lives in fear of the bullhook.  The bullhook is a sharp hook at the end of a wooden handle that is used to inflict pain and fear in elephants.

Ringling Brothers has paid the USDA $270,000 for animal welfare violations!!  Over $270,000… which is the largest fine ever paid by an animal exhibitor.  How can something that cruel and wrong be “fun for the whole family”?

Tomorrow marks the opening night of the circus in Norfolk.  If you are planning on going this weekend, or any time in the future, please take a look at these websites and the photos.  Then tell me if you still want to go after learning the truth of what goes on behind closed doors.


Now that you have educated yourself of the horrors of the circus come out with me and my fellow activists tomorrow night, Thursday April 11th, 2013 for a peaceful protest during Ringling’s opening night at the Scope in Norfolk.  Information below: