The Instinct of Conformity

I just watched a movie from Redbox called Mental and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Here is a song from the movie that I wanted to share.  Instinctive Conformity by Sam Clark.

She’s The Best (Instinct Of Conformity)

She’s the best! Who would’ve guessed?
They want to own her so they can clone her
The Scientists just can’t resist
A girl like this who ain’t neuro-typical

She doesn’t know what she does to me
Born without the instinct of conformity
She ain’t normal just different shades of Mental
the fact that we met could not be accidental

And maybe she’s not the solution
But she’s the next step in human evolution

She’s the best! Who would’ve guessed?
I got impressed as she got undressed and she
Has something more or something less
I’m told she’s crazy, but I think she’s the best

Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh

She doesn’t know what she’s done to me
Born again I’m losing my conformity
She makes me feel funny in the tummy
Like Cinderella, Santa, Snow White and The Easter Bunny

And maybe she’s not the solution
But she’s the next step in human evolution

She’s the best! Who would’ve guessed?
I got impressed as she got undressed and she
Has something more or something less
I’m told she’s crazy, but I think she’s the best

Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh

I choose her first every time, I said
I choose her first every time, I said
I choose her first every time, I said
I choose her first every night, hey

Conformity is a type of social influence involving a change in belief or behavior in order to fit in with a group.

“Conformity—the natural instinct to passively yield to that vague something recognized as authority.”   ―     Mark Twain

First, as soon as the off beat, quirky character in the movie mentioned the instinct of conformity I was immediately more interested.  Then the song played in the background and I loved it.  It made me think of myself.  Now that I am older, I have learned to embrace my individuality, my quirky like behaviors, and the things that other people might consider “crazy”.   However when I was younger, I was always the odd ball.  The one people made fun of.  I marched by the beat of my own drum, and still do!  I didn’t let that instinct that most people have … called conformity, take over.

Enjoy the song, and the lyrics.  And no matter what, be who you truly are.  Never follow the crowd.  Be your own person and make your own rules.  The more true you are to yourself the more satisfied you will be with your life in the long run.

Relationships: Roller Coaster Ride or Cross-Country Skiing?

In terms of a relationship, would you prefer a roller coaster ride or cross-country skiing?

Let me explain a little further:

Roller Coaster Ride

A relationship that has a lot of ups and downs, unpredictable,  loopdie loops, fast and slow, good and bad would be a roller coaster ride.  Full of passion and excitement.  When it is good, it is really good… yet when it is bad, it is really bad.


Cross Country Skiing

Something even, stable, consistent, predictable.  Not much ups and downs, pretty much even keel. Can tend to get boring.  Comfortable with the status quo, not much spontaneity.  Firmly set boundaries, clear expectations and an even set of emotions.


There can be pros and cons for both sides.   Me,  personally… I would take the roller coaster ride any day.  Even though I may complain about some of the things that come along with it, I definitely prefer that over something predictable, dull.  Yet there can be something said for consistency, boundaries and clear expectations.  What about some balance in the middle, somewhere between extreme ups and downs of the roller coaster relationship and the evenness of the cross-country skiing relationship?

I have experienced both.  I was too bored with the cross country skiing.  I wished for more excitement, more spontaneity, wished he would show more passion and excitement.. about anything.  My roller coaster relationship is full of excitement.  I love how he gets excited over the smallest things, just like I do.  Sometimes the ups and downs are what make it what it is.  A roller coaster wouldn’t be the same without the hills and loops.



Would love to hear thoughts of others…





B&E Day

With Eric in school and working a job with a very inconsistent schedule, there are very few days where we get to spend the whole day together.  While this is very difficult for me to get used to, I am trying to make the most of every moment we do get to spend together.

This past Sunday was the first day we have had together for a while and I fully intended to make the most of it!  We slept in and woke up by greeting each other with a “good morning” and “Happy B&E Day!” – Translation… for those of you who need it… Bobbi and Eric Day!

This makes me smile… below is Eric’s Facebook post about B&E Day:

Eric Brown

Awesome day ahead of us its B&E Day hmmm should of thought this though on the name we dubbed today….don’t worry we’re not going to break into any houses we’re not crackheads crack is wack and we’re no fools we’re cool and stay in school
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See, we were both pretty excited about it!  We had plans to go to the Greek Fest in Norfolk.  Sunday was the last day for it and we had been looking forward to it all week.  We made our special coffee for the road and made our way to Norfolk.  The weather was beautiful.  Sunny and warm.  Of course the Greek Fest was crowded and we had to stand in line as soon as we got there, but we didn’t care.  While standing in line we were able to listen to some great live music and performances on the stage in the main tent.  And even better, the beer guy came around and we got Greek Beer to drink while we waited in line.
I had already studied the a la cart menu and knew exactly what I wanted.  When we finally made it to the front of the line, here is what we got:
Greek Salad – Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, Greek peppers, feta cheese and Kalamata olives with Greek vinaigrette.
Dolmathes – Tender grape leaves stuffed with a rice filling and bathed in a tangy lemon sauce.
Spanakopita – A delicious phyllo pie made with spinach and feta cheese which is wrapped and baked to perfection.
Rice Pilaf – Rice prepared with a blend of spices and butter.
Yani Beanas – Greek style green beans, simmered with tomatoes, onions and Greek spices.
Baklava – A rich sweet pastry made with layers of chopped walnuts, phyllo, butter and spices then baked to perfection and covered with a honey-syrup.
Chocolate Dip – Greek cake with cream center covered in chocolate.
 Here is Eric enjoying Mythos Greek Beer!
After stuffing ourselves with all the delicious food, we walked around some, got another Greek beer and sat down and enjoyed the entertainment of Greek music and dancing.
After we had our fill of the Greek Fest, took the scenic route to the Oceanfront and met Sarah and Max at Watermans for some Orange Crushes.  And to our surprise, we got there just in time for Happy Hour!  We sat outside on the deck overlooking the ocean and just enjoyed the company and the delicious drinks.  After a couple of hours we decided to walk down to the ocean.  Feel the sand on our toes and the salty ocean water on our feet.  By then it had started to cool off a lot.  If it had been warmer I would have jumped in the ocean, clothes and all.  But I will save that for another day 🙂
We parted ways with our company, fed the meter so we had more time at our parking spot and just decided to take a little walk down the strip.  We did some window shopping, talked and enjoyed the walk.  By this time we had spent pretty much all the money we had allotted for the day with only a few dollars left in my pocket which we were going to try to save and bring back home with us… but no such luck!  We found a pizza place that sold pizza by the slice, so we got two slices of cheese pizza which was extremely delicious.  While walking back to the car we found yet another pizza place that sold by the slice so we looked at each other, smiled and headed inside to get more pizza.  Spontaneous and fun.  We just sampled two different pizza places along the strip to see which one we liked the best.    Of course, neither of us were hungry as we had been eating and drinking all day, but it was just fun and a spur of the moment thing, so we did it.
We then headed home and snuggled on the couch with our girls to catch up on some of our DVR tv shows, fell asleep on the couch and went to bed.
It was just so nice to have a full day together.  It is so easy to take advantage of things like that and take them for granted.  Before when we had all weekend together, every weekend I love it.  But now that our time together is much less frequent, we both try to make a point to make the most of it, cherish the time we do have and not take it for granted.
Now I am looking forward to our next B&E Day!