A Little Bit About Me

Every day is a process to learn more about myself.  I am just now realizing that I have this hidden desire to be an aspiring writer of some sort.  My intention is for this blog to help me with that inspiration.

About Me.  Who am I?  I am just Bobbi.  :)   I am an open minded, adventurous, free spirited, compassionate, independent… and stubborn.    I am in an amazing relationship with the most incredible man. A man who accepts and loves me for who I am. I strive to live everyday to its fullest and make the most of what I have. Live out loud, no regrets! I continue to change and evolve as a person daily – it truly is a process. Staying healthy and active is important to me. I am a vegetarian, an animal lover, compassionate and caring. I love tattoos and I love trying new things. I am a strong independent woman who lives by my own rules. Right here, Right now! I am a weird and odd person and I love it! I think it is important to find the differences in people and embrace what makes you unique! I tend to get obsessive about things, but also get bored easily if something does not keep my interest.

I moved to Virginia Beach almost three years ago with the love of my life… with the dream to someday work for PETA.  Guess what??!!  After two and a half years I finally work for PETA.  Working to make my dreams reality!  That is what it is all about.

I absolutely love Music! What would life be without music? I enjoy going out and discovering new local bands and talent.

Some other things that make me smile; tattoos, piercings, long hair, animals, music, yoga, buddhism, paganism, chocolate, full moon, blankets right out of the dryer, loud music, lavender, napping, cuddles, climbing trees, rocks and surprises.

I am really just a big goof.  I like to laugh and have fun.  I try not to take life too seriously and enjoy my time here.

5 responses to “A Little Bit About Me

  1. Hi Bobbi!

    I just came across your blog and it’s gotten a strange hold on me. I haven’t been able to stop reading! You’ve written some of these entries very well and intriguingly 🙂

    I was wondering if you’d be willing to write some posts on your marriage and divorce…. I am not trying to be nosy or anything, I am actually interested in how a long term relationship (I think you had said 15 years in one of your articles) ended as I may be heading towards the same situation.

    I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years, not as long as yours but long enough to fall in love and think about marriage and head towards that only to one day wonder if he is the one. Maybe we’re drifitng or maybe we’re going through a rough patch. I’m not sure. I just wanted to talk to someone who figured out what was right for her.

    I specifically hoped you could shed light on that 15 year relationship had started, how it progressed to marriage – whether you ever doubted that it was the right thing to do, what changed during marriage that made you two realize it was time to go your separate ways… and kids – was that topic ever an issue?

    If you don’t want to write a few posts about these things and publicize it, I completely understand. But maybe if instead you could email me back so we could talk that would be great.

    I know I’m probably asking for a lot but it’s just that I’ve noticed through your writing that you’ve ended up in a very healthy place. And I desperately want that as well.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Heather!
      Thank you so much for your incredible comments, and for reading my blog! I appreciate your thoughts and your interest and I am happy to share more information about myself and my past so that it may help you in your life. Stay tuned… i will put something together this weekend 🙂

      And thank you again for your interest and for reading and enjoying my blog! I am extremely honored and humbled by your comment and just happy that my past experience has the potential to help someone else out. Hang in there, i have some great personal words of wisdom to share with you that i hope you will find helpful.

      • One other thing… did you ever have to deal with infidelity? If you’ve already written something for what I asked previously, then no need to go back and modify or anything. This was something that just came up – feel like I keep asking you for things… Thanks again 🙂

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