I Remember You Brother

I remember you brother

Each and every day, I know you are with me

Never far away

Growing up you were my friend, my companion

We fought like brothers and sisters do

Not a picture to be seen, of me

Without a black eye

Sometimes we fought each other

Other times it seemed like we fought the world

I remember our fort, and watching incredible hulk together

I remember drinking milk and laughing until it came out our noses

I remember wearing daddy’s pants, you in one leg and me in the other

I remember the birthdays and the holidays, Christmas and Halloween,

The excitement and the anticipation

I remember, I remember

So many memories, so many experiences

We were always together, whether we liked it or not

Throughout our teens

A part of me lost a part of you

But no matter how far away you were in your own mind

We still had that connections siblings do.

As you grew into an adult, the person that most people saw

Was not the real you

You showed very few the real you

Such a big heart, under all the sorrow

So much love and caring, under all that anger

I wish we could have been closer

I wish I would have tried harder

I remember my amazement, when talking to the people you spent time with

How much you talked about me, even bragged about me

How much you really did look up to me, and the things you would say about me

I had no idea

I wish I had realized

It has been a year since you had to leave us

My heart cries to hear your voice and see your smile one more time

Yet I know, with all of my heart

That you are ok.  That you are happy.

I know that this life had been difficult for you

Now you have no sorrow, no pain,

Never lonely, never unsure or unhappy

Your smile is constant, your heart is free

I love you Brother

I remember you Brother

I miss you


Why I Love Tuesdays So Much


Have I ever told you all why I love Tuesdays so much?  If you follow my facebook page you know I am always excited when Tuesday come around.  Sometimes I wish everyday could be a Tuesday.

Tuesdays are my one guaranteed “date night” with the love of my life.  When life gets hectic and schedules take over it is even more important than ever to make that time for each other.  Happily and excitedly, not reluctantly.

It all started in the Summer of 2009.  I call that “My Summer of Recovery and Discovery”.  Maybe I’ll write a separate blog about that some other time 😉  Two friends took a chance and fell in love with each other.  Because we were previously such good friends, all of our friends were all in the same group together.  We all hung out together all the time.  After Eric and I got together, it was difficult to find time alone together because we were always with all of our other friends.  Back then I had discovered that he was also a fan of wine and wine tasting and we decided to have a “wine night” and try a different wine together.  Tuesday became the day.  It was a day he didn’t have band practice, a day I didn’t already have things scheduled with other friends, and a day that my roommate at the time did have band practice and was gone for the evening.

We started to share Tuesday evenings together each week.  Sharing wine and conversation and getting to know each other better.  Five years later, we still have our Tuesday wine night date night together.  Our lives have changes, times have changed and our schedules have changed but our Tuesday nights have not.  Things got hectic with Eric in class, having band practice, and working mostly evenings but no matter what he has always made Tuesday nights unavailable for any other activities other than us.  Sometimes being the only night we had to actually spend the whole evening together, made it even more important and special

Maybe that is one of the reasons, among many others, why our relationship keeps growing stronger and stronger.  Through all the bad times and all the hardships we always come out on top.  We make a conscious effort to ensure we have that time together.  Relationships are hard work sometimes and require that maintaining and attention or they will become stagnant or fail.  Ours will not.

Some of my favorite Tuesday evenings involve the two of us cracking open a bottle of wine and cooking a fun dinner together.  We come up with some pretty amazing concoctions in the kitchen.  We love to play cards or board games and spend time with our furbabies.  We often just relax out on the balcony with our wine and good conversation, talking and sharing with each other.  Those are some of my most favorite times.  Staying home, just the two of us and blocking out the rest of the world.  Forgetting about our phones, the internet, television and other outside distractions and just enjoying each other.

Every couple needs one night a week together like this!  Whether you have children or not and no matter how hectic or busy your schedule is.  If it is something that is important to you, you will make time for it.  It is about priorities and you MUST make your relationship a priority.

LOVE My New eSalon Customized Hair Color!!

As part of my newest BzzAgent campaigns, I was invited to participate in a new campaign for eSalon.  It is a completely personalized salon quality hair color system, developed specifically and customized for you!  I was also awarded $60 in free hair care products to try out!  How exciting is that!?!

I know you are all anxious to see my before and after pictures, but first things first. …  the ordering process.  You log onto eSalon.com and created a customized profile by answering a few questions and uploading a picture of your current color.  Then it was time to pick out my free hair products!  I choose the color safe shampoo and conditioner, color enhancing treatment, a root touch up wand and renewing treatment oil.

The product was supposed to be processed within three business days, and then shipped.  After five business days I sent an email to eSalon to inquire on the status of my order.  They informed me that there was a delay in processing and offered me free shipping on my next order.  They also offered to send my items priority mail.  Now that is a way to create come back customers.  They completely won me over with their customer service.

I was so excited to receive my package in the mail!  I was a little disappointed to see that one of the color bottles had begun to leak during shipment.  There was a red stain on the outside of my package and when I opened it up it was all over all the other bottles of the shipment.  I had to wash off everything upon opening the package.  Luckily not even a quarter of the color bottle was missing due to the leak and it left plenty still for my hair color.

IMAG1713 IMAG1714

The color process took a bit longer than my normal at home hair color but it was so much worth it!  The personalized instructions were very detailed and easy to follow.


My personalized hair color was Dark Blonde – Intense Red and it is absolutely perfect, vibrant and beautiful!  I have had so many compliments, from friends and strangers.  I even had an employee from IHOP say I looked like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  My hair feels so manageable and soft and not over processed like a lot of hair colors do.  I will definitely be a return customer!

eSalon is the future of hair color!  If you want to give it a try, you can get 50% off a recurring order by visiting this link and following the simple instructions to get your credit.   http://u.bzz.com/sakzi!