Detox – Day 2

Day 2 –

After going to bed early last night, and sleeping pretty well until about 3:30am I awoke this morning still feeling tired.  After jumping in the shower I definitely felt more alive and awake.

unfortunately, I haven’t felt much like writing…  I have just wanted to lay around and rest.  The hardest part is in the evening when I want to eat some dinner really bad.  Thankfully I have a very supportive and encouraging boyfriend who reminds me why I am doing this every time I complain about being tired or hungry – hungry for something more different than apples… and I complained a lot last night.

I felt the most tired on the evening of day one.  Day two wasn’t as bad but I was a lot more irritable and cranky.  I just wanted other food, apples are no longer satisfying.

I have to be honest and say I have not been meditating as I intended to, so Day three I will absolutely make a point to spend some extra time in meditation to tap into my emotions more thoroughly,  so I would anticipate my update from day three to be a little more detailed.

On a more “personal”  TMI note – another day of going to the bathroom about once an hour.  I can definitely tell I am expelling a lot.  My bowel movements have greatly increased from day one to day two.  My energy level has definitely decreased.  I can see a big difference just from walking up four flights of stairs in the morning to my office.  Today it was a lot harder and I ran out of steam after the second flight.  I know my body needs to rest and relax during these three days so that is what I intend to do after work on day three.  Only one more day left!



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