Saturday Night… Construction

Tree pose

Helping to strengthen and rebuild relationships!  😉

Eric didn’t have to work last night.  Wow, two Saturday’s off in a row!  Don’t get used to it, I know…


He got home from class and told me to shower so we could go out and get some food.  He wanted to take me to our favorite Mexican restaurant down the street.  Ole!  We go there often.  Often enough that I get a hug as I walk through the door.  Now that’s my kinda place.  This was the place that Eric took me to celebrate my Birthday.  The food is incredible, the drinks are delicious and the staff there are amazing.  Each time we go there we always get free tequila shots, it never fails!  Love that place!!

Tequila goes STRAIGHT to my head!  so after taking our tequila shots, I said ” lets go home and have whiskey shots!”  I was kinda kidding, but Eric jumped on the idea so I was all up for it.  We had some sample small bottles left from a long time ago that we decided to use up.  We started off with a Jeopardy drinking game.  Believe it or not, I actually won that one!  Then the Big Bang Theory drinking game!


After having a LOT of whiskey mixed with a little bit of root beer, we went outside for some fresh air.  It had finally stopped raining so it was fresh and crisp outside like it is after a thunderstorm.

We had a lot of good conversation outside and had what I feel to be a bonding experience over the tree pose 🙂  Unfortunately, not something that is very easily explainable to someone that wasn’t there.  Please excuse my vagueness but I am quite sure that Eric will fully understand this when he reads it… if he reads it.

But… I feel it was a moment that helped me to understand the inner workings of his mind just a little bit better.  And a moment that helped him to open up to me and let me inside to be able to understand those inner workings better.

A small yet big moment that helps to mortar the bricks of our relationship more securely…. and that I am thankful for!!


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  1. Id have to talk with you below. Which is not a thing I usually perform! I enjoy looking at a post that can make people feel. Also, many thanks for allowing us to remark!

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