Anniversary Week/weekend

I didn’t want the weekend to be over!  It was pretty great.  A much needed, great weekend.

Sunday the 28th of July was our four year anniversary.

The weeks and days leading up to our anniversary week had been pretty stressful and filled with heartache and conflict, with the Sunday before being very much the day from hell.  After a revelation that evening and the next morning I was determined to do whatever it took to make things better.

To start off our Anniversary Week, Eric unexpectedly had Monday free after practice was canceled.  It was our Dharma day so we relaxed  most of the evening then I brewed some hot green tea and we prepared our Buddha shrine for our meditation.  We both sat in meditation for a while and then read passages from our Buddhism book together to celebrate Dharma Day.

Tuesday was our date night/wine night and I wanted to do something special.  Because of Dharma day being the day before, Eric was not drinking alcohol so we had to have our wine night without wine.  (On major Buddhist holidays he abstains from alcohol the day before, the day of, and the day after the holiday, per Buddhism custom.)  I took off half a day from work and came home and ordered some pasta and Caesar salad to be delivered right before Eric got home from work.  I knew neither of us had been eating very well lately and just wanted to surprise him.  We had a good late lunch/early dinner by candlelight.  Then we took a dip in the pool, played some God of War 11 in PS3, walked around the lake, took a late night moonlight walk to 7-11 for slurpees then some root beer floats.  It was a great Tuesday night.

I had initially taken Friday off.  Eric usually has Friday’s off so I thought it would be nice to spend the morning and afternoon together, to start our anniversary weekend.  But it turns out Eric had off Saturday rather than Friday… even better!  However, I still took the day off and took the opportunity to get some things done and recharge myself a little more.  I did come cleaning, napping, relaxing and shopping.  I went to get supplies for the weekend, and an anniversary card since our anniversary ( 4 years) was Sunday.  I picked up the movie Evil Dead, which I had been dying to see since it was out in the theater.  I  got some beer, popcorn and bloody mary supplies.  I texted Eric to let him know of our late night movie, popcorn and beer date night when he got out of class.  We had a great time, enjoyed the movie and stayed up way too late.  Saturday morning Eric got up to go to class and I slept in.

He got out of class and we packed up and headed to the beach.  It was fun spending a couple of hours lounging on the beach.  This was actually the first time this year we have been to the beach together, where last year we were there almost every weekend.   After we had our fill of sun and sand we headed home to shower and went to Jillians for some drinks, food and GAMES!  I had found a Groupon for game play and challenged Eric to a skee ball battle!  We had a lot of fun acting like big kids.  Drinking our gigantic beers and playing video games.  We even collected our tickets to exchange for prizes.  Such a fun time!

After we were all gamed out, we headed to the oceanfront to hear Maxx in his new band.  We met Sarah there and drank buckets of cocktails and enjoyed the sounds of the cover band on a warm summer night at the oceanfront.  We watched the clock tick down to Midnight and right at midnight we wished each other a Happy Anniversary with a toast, a hug and a kiss!  After the bar closed and they kicked us out we hung out with Sarah outside while Maxx packed up his gear.  I spotted a pizza place right across the street that was still open so we ran across the street and each ordered a couple slices of pizza.  the joint was pretty busy with the after bar crowd so after we got our pizza we walked back across the street and sat down in the middle of the sidewalk for a pizza picnic while we waited for Maxx.  So fun and random, having a picnic in the middle of a random sidewalk at 2am at the oceanfront!

Then comes Sunday, our anniversary!  We lounged together in bed for a while before finally deciding to get up out of bed and get the day started.  We made a pot of French vanilla coffee – to go.  Showered and headed out.  Our plan for the day was to grab a picnic lunch at Taste (since I have heard they have the best sandwiches in the area and have never yet tried them) then head to Saude Creek Winery for some music and wine on the patio, with a picnic lunch.  After reminiscing back over all of our past anniversaries, I came to the realization that they all had something in common… wineries or wine bars.  Year one Eric took me to Smokey Hill Winery in Salina, KS, my favorite winery that is now shut down.  Year two after moving to Virginia Beach we went to Lubo wine bar and had some drinks together.  Year three we celebrated at the Mermaid Winery.  I saw it only fitting that we continue this subconscious tradition of ours.  We hit the road and got our picnic lunch from Taste.  It ended up being later than we anticipated by the time we got on the highway to head to the winery.  After seeing all the traffic back up and realizing the time, we decided to save ourselves the headache of traffic and just find some place local for our picnic.  I got off the highway at the next exit and just drove around looking for the perfect spot.  We came across a part in Norfolk and quickly pulled in. We found a somewhat secluded picnic area and enjoyed our picnic lunch together.  It was not our exact plan but we were both able to go with the flow and create a new plan at the spur of the moment that was just as perfect.  We walked around the park for a little while after eating, then headed to our Mermaid winery for a glass of wine to still continue our tradition.

After a fun filled weekend of excitement, romance and celebration we headed home Sunday afternoon.  Time to snuggle with our girls at home, relax and just be together.  We just lounged around in our underwear the rest of the evening.  🙂

It truly was a great weekend.  Looking at the clock at 8:30pm on Sunday night I wanted to somehow stop the clocks and not let the rest of the weekend slip away.  It was so great I didn’t want it to end.   It was a very much needed great weekend.  A time for us to spend a lot of quality time together and to just start to reconnect as a couple again.  To do things together, and to do nothing together.  Those little things can easily be taken for granted and this weekend helped me to re-realize how important those things are.


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