Tuesdays Are Back!!


Disregard all the mess on my coffee table.  The important part if this picture is the empty bottle of Port and the two delicious looking drinks!

Eric and I have been together for almost 4 years now, 4 years next month.  When we first go together our lives were hectic and we had our group of friends around us much of the time.  It was hard to find that time alone.  So just several weeks into our relationship we came up with our Tuesday Wine Nights.  Tuesday was a night that he didn’t have ban practice, and my roomates at the time did have practice and were gone, so we made that our night.  A night for Eric and Bobbi and nothing else.  As much as our lives have changed since then, that is a tradition we still carry on.

There have been some nights here and there where we have had to postpone or make it up another night because of work schedules or other things, but for the most part we always have that time together.  After we moved here to Virginia Beach, we started to mix it up a bit and take turns planning out the activities for the evening.  What we would do for dinner, cook together, go out, or maybe a picnic on the beach, scrabble on the balcony… just taking turns planning the night.

Along the way, we have somehow gotten away from the habit of taking turns, but we still set aside that evening together for us.

Last Tuesday was one of the best Tuesday wine nights we have had in a long time.  It was an absolutely perfect night!  Just what I needed, and what we needed.  I got home from work and we ran out to pick up our mead for Saturday’s Summer Solstice camping celebration and stopped at the store to grab something to make for dinner.  Homemade garlic and onion pizza and Port!  We ate our pizza out on the balcony until it started to rain on us.  We talked together to plan our upcoming camping trip and things we needed while listening to awesome music. We had dinner, finished up our bottle of Port then played with the girls for a while.  They all three were so happy to have mom and dad home together, and to be getting a lot of attention too.. especially Nefertiti.  Then we gave them some treats, making them even happier!

After finishing up our Port, we had some yummy frozen drinks in my favorite cactus cups.  Blue Hawaiian and Hurricanes while We watched the finale of The Voice, to find out the winner before it was shared on face book and tv… even though we don’t usually watch tv or tune into the real world on our Tuesday nights.

Definitely what I needed, what we needed!

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