Crying Over Crabs

Last night, my neighbor made me cry.

Sitting alone in my apartment I heard a knock at the door.  The girls scattered and I quickly threw on pants that happened to be inside out.  I answered the door and saw my neighbor standing in the hallway.  My neighbor who almost burned down our whole apartment building because she left the fire on under a pot and left.  The neighbor who, when she opens up her door you can smell garbage coming from her apartment.  The neighbor who I am pretty sure is the reason why we find roaches in our apartment.  The neighbor whose bratty little daughter stomps down the steps and slams her door at all hours of the day.

I think you get the picture.  She is not one of my favorite people.  Well she said, with a frantic look in her face and a bowl in one hand and tongs in the other, “are you afraid of crabs?”  I said no.  She asked if I would help her, a crab got loose.  So I said yes, of course.  I am never one to turn my back when someone asks me for help, even if it is someone I don’t care much for.

I followed her into her apartment.  She is giggling and screeching like a teenage girl.  Her apartment is just as messy and dirty as I imagined it to be.  She led me into the kitchen where there was a huge crab on the floor.  She screamed again and started prancing around and asked me if I could help her catch the crab.  I took the bowl from her hand and picked up the poor little guy and put it in the bowl for her.  I then asked her what she wanted me to do with in now.  She asked me to throw it into the pot of boiling water.  When I said no, she took the bowl from me and threw the crab into the water… then asked me if I wanted one.  I told her no and left.

Then I went back to my apartment and cried.  I helped her catch and kill that poor little scared creature.  I feel so horrible.  Yes, I helped out a neighbor in need, but I also was an accomplice to the murder of that helpless creature.  My heart hurts over that, and I am deeply saddened by my part his end.


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