Changing My State of Mind…

Change my state of mind, change my thinking… in order to change my behaviors and to change my emotions.  It has to work, because I am grasping at straws right now.  I am teetering on the edge and need to pull myself back over.  I need help pulling myself back over.

The love of my life told me that my negative thinking is clouding my mind.  I need to change my state of mind and everything else will fall into place.  That a lot of the issues we have in our relationship are due to my own negative thinking and frame of mind.

I am typically a pretty positive person.  However, as of late my emotions are very raw and vulnerable.  My relationship is in trouble and I am not sure how to mend what is broken.  When I love, I love with my whole entire heart.  That love that I share with someone is the most important thing in my life.  My relationship is my priority and that thing that means the most to me.  So when there is a problem in that aspect of my life, it truly affects me tremendously.  I don’t even know if this is something that is even possible to change about myself, nor would I would I want to, it is part of the many amazing things that makes me who I am.

So when I have such a big problem in my relationship, the thing that is most important to me than anything in the world… yes, I am  going to experience some negativity.  What I need to do is try to diminish some of that negativity and create a more positive outlook for myself.  Despite all of the sadness and hurt that I am feeling, I need to figure out some way to change my state of mind and see the positive in it.

It is easy from the other side, to tell someone they need to think and be more positive.  I have said that to others myself numerous times.  However, when you are the one hurting so badly, feeling so sad, lonely and on the verge of depression… it is hard to pull yourself out of that negative spiral and bring in the positivity.

So I ask you all, is it really possible?  To change your thinking, change your mind set… and that in turn will change your behaviors, attitudes and emotions.   And if it is possible… then I need help.

Advice, suggestions, inspirations.  Send them all my way, Please!

4 responses to “Changing My State of Mind…

  1. Changing your state of mind: Yes, it is absolutely possible, I have been there done that. In my experience, it is just a matter of making the decision and monitoring yourself to stick with that decision and not allowing yourself to backslide. You can also choose a trusted friend to hold you accountable but you have to be willing to honestly listen to their feedback without taking offense. It is not easy, sometimes the hardest part is just being honest with yourself about where you’re at now and where you want to be. There comes a time you have to tell yourself to just put on your big girl panties and do what you have to do. We are all masters of our own destiny and you are the only person who can change how YOU think. Addictive substances or behaviors could be affecting your negative thought process also, if any drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. are involved, it would be to your benefit to eliminate them from your life. Also for me it was crucial to have a higher spiritual power (in my case Christianity) to call upon for strength when I was feeling weak. I have personally successfully overcome several addictions throughout my life. I hope some of what I have shared will help you, my heart aches for you hearing what you are going through and knowing it could be so much better for you, you must have hope and faith it will, and make it happen!

  2. Ask yourself these questions:
    -do I hope to always get “my way”?
    -do I ruin a whole week of happiness- over one hour of disappointment?
    -do I latch onto the negative thoughts, unable to let go of even the smallest disappointment?
    -do I expect every moment of every day to be filled with entertainment and fun?
    – do I expect my mate to keep me constantly entertained? If not “everything” is ruined?
    – do I allow one small moment, to escalate and drag out negative feelings for days and days?

    The answers are right inside you.
    Recognize them.
    Alleviate all negativity.
    Embrace All aspects if love. Not just the “fun” moments.
    Allow a short moment of joy to sustain you.
    Do not let negativity devour your relationship.
    Do not allow negativity to devour your soul.
    Embrace every enchanting moment. Bask in it- no matter how brief it may be.
    For life is nothing more than fleeting moments of bliss, agony, and everything in between.
    Embrace every enchanting moment. For these moments are what make memories.

    “You didn’t choose love
    It chose you”

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