Relationships: Roller Coaster Ride or Cross-Country Skiing?

In terms of a relationship, would you prefer a roller coaster ride or cross-country skiing?

Let me explain a little further:

Roller Coaster Ride

A relationship that has a lot of ups and downs, unpredictable,  loopdie loops, fast and slow, good and bad would be a roller coaster ride.  Full of passion and excitement.  When it is good, it is really good… yet when it is bad, it is really bad.


Cross Country Skiing

Something even, stable, consistent, predictable.  Not much ups and downs, pretty much even keel. Can tend to get boring.  Comfortable with the status quo, not much spontaneity.  Firmly set boundaries, clear expectations and an even set of emotions.


There can be pros and cons for both sides.   Me,  personally… I would take the roller coaster ride any day.  Even though I may complain about some of the things that come along with it, I definitely prefer that over something predictable, dull.  Yet there can be something said for consistency, boundaries and clear expectations.  What about some balance in the middle, somewhere between extreme ups and downs of the roller coaster relationship and the evenness of the cross-country skiing relationship?

I have experienced both.  I was too bored with the cross country skiing.  I wished for more excitement, more spontaneity, wished he would show more passion and excitement.. about anything.  My roller coaster relationship is full of excitement.  I love how he gets excited over the smallest things, just like I do.  Sometimes the ups and downs are what make it what it is.  A roller coaster wouldn’t be the same without the hills and loops.



Would love to hear thoughts of others…






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