Never Lose Your Smile

I came home from the gym tonight and felt the desire to write.  While showering I thought of topics I wanted to write about. Nothing really came to mind, for once.

This is something I wrote a couple of days ago and wanted to share.  Because no matter what kind of a day I have had or what I am going through in life, I have one amazing man who can always make smile… even when I don’t want to!

Things that have made me smile in the past two weeks

  • Randomly (and spontaneously) driving to the liquor store to get coffee liquor to put in our coffees.  I just mentioned some Kahlua would be good in it, and off we were to the store!  Then stopped for pizza.  Spiked coffee and pizza for dinner.
  • Waking up the Friday morning before my b-day and he tells me “happy birthday eve”.
  • Surprise birthday card in the glove box of his car.
  • All of the b day spoiling – beach picnic, favorite Mexican restaurant, eastern shore day trip and a full day together to be lazy and re-cooperate.
  • Mentioning in a text that I wanted to make coffee before work, but was running late and didn’t have time… then when I get home from work he greets me at the door with a cup of yummy spiked coffee!
  • Leaving for a b day beach picnic and he grabbed me sweatshirt, without me even asking, so I had it with us if it got cold.
  • Having the kitchen cleaned up and cat litter cleaned when I get home.
  • That he stops to pick up litter or other things needed.
  • Trimmed facial hair
  • When he put his arm around my waist while we were cooking in the kitchen.
  • How he put his arm around me while sitting on the couch.
  • Tuesday make up wine night on Monday.
  • Random note taped to the bathroom mirror, reminding me every day how much he loves me.

Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most.  Why does it seem that we are always seeking more?  Why is it sometimes so hard to realize and accept the small gestures and stop looking for something bigger?

I am trying really hard to learn to make the most of each day, and keep it positive.  To work on my shortcomings and be more patient with his, to better our relationship.

  1. Sometimes that bad things aren’t really as bad as you make them out to be in your head.
  2. Never compare your relationship to another couple.
  3. Cherish each minute you get with your loved ones.
  4. Do not take each other for granted and always make sure they know how much you love them.
  5. Remember that no relationship is perfect, if you expect for it to be you will only end up disappointed.

And one of my biggest hurdles… learning that I can’t control anything other than myself and how I react to situations.  No matter what I say, how I ask or what I do, I cannot expect someone else to act or think the way I would or the way I want them to.  Learn to let go.. let go of the control, expectations and disappointment.

So now, what I want to do is ….

Smile.  Dance in the rain.  Stomp in the puddles.  Jump in the ocean.  Ride a rollercoaster.  Smile, laugh, dance and let my spirit shine.


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